Philosophy, Vision, Mission

   Philosophy, Vision, Mission

  Philosophy  :

“Quality and Morality”

Vision  :

Faculty of Management Science : Quality and Morality Leading in Management and Communication Arts

Mission  :

                                  1. Produce quality graduate students in business administration and communication arts, who can serve the need of community and society, which is The society of the knowledge based economy and the student will live with morality happiness and sufficiency.

                                  2. Produce research and innovative knowledge of business and communication arts for the development of local community and local wisdom to go international.

                                  3. Offer quality academic service and propagate business and communication arts technology to the community and society in order to raise the standard of the community, society and the SMEs to international level.

                            4. Promote and support the preservation of arts and culture and preserve the nation, religion and the monarch of Thailand.