1.   Organizing of management system in the form of One Stop Service.

      2.   Adherence to Merit System for working.  Every operational system is transparent and can be checked.

      3.   Working as team, distribution of power and responsibilities.

      4.   Establishment of the Faculty’s Professor Council.  Listening to comments and the opportunity is provided for the staff of professors to take part in the faculty management and making decisions.

      5.   Announcement of the policies, management and allocation of budget to the Faculty’s Professor Council annually.

      6.   Evaluation of the executives’ work once a year.

      7.   Merit consideration in an open and fair manner by averaging for all working people. The assessment must be concrete.  There is the right to be informed of evaluation.

      8.   Providing various facilities and technologies to support the work of professors and the Faculty.

      9.   Creation of work, special activities and projects of all kinds such as the thirty baht comprehensive learning project,  educational project for community, Cooperative Education Project, model company project, Garden of Knowledge and more to set up the Faculty’s fund, boost morale and spirit and create love, harmony.

      10.   Preparation of academic work, teaching documents, instructional media and textbooks of each major course of the Faculty.

      11.   Promotion, support and acceleration of professor development for getting academic positions.

      12.   Encouraging all staff of the Faculty to receive training and make a study trip at least 1 time per year.

      13.   Setting up the Faculty’s library.

      14.   Establishment of the Faculty of Communication Arts

      15.   Arrangement for the tourism industry program under the Faculty of Management Science.  There is also the Tourism Operation Center.

      16.   Educational expansion at the graduate level to accord with the Faculty’s potential and the needs of the country.

      17.   Creating Strategic Alliance and Synergy.  Seeking cooperation with outside academic circles, including the agencies of government and private  sectors.  Creation of unity and academic excellence by arrangement of educational plans and management in a one-stop manner  at the faculty level.

      18.   Support for the activities of students and alumni, Faculty of Management Science to establish the relationship between alumni and current students.

      19.   Creation of work environment with love, warmth and mutual assistance like relatives, family members.