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Marketing of FMS organized a workshop “How to earn money as a content creator? How online content creators make money”

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2023-08-22 14:56:28

              Marketing Faculty of Management Sciences ,Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University organized a workshop project “How to earn money as a content creator? How to monetize content creators Content Online” aims to develop students to have knowledge. Understanding of market processes and encourage students to apply marketing knowledge On this occasion, Assistant Professor Dr. Somsak Klaysung, Dean of the Faculty of Management Science Honored to welcome the speakers Which was honored by Mr.Jan De Rycke, Mr. Iver Paulsberg and Mr. Floris Hermans Digital Creator on social media tourism with more than 50,000 followers as speakers on the topic of “Telling each other from real experiences. How to earn money as a content creator? How to make money of online content creators” Topic “Strategies you should know. How to generate income for online content creators" on the topic of "interesting content, image formats, video clips or articles, studying various information thoroughly and adding creative ideas in presentations" and Topic "Entering the Influencer, Blogger or Youtuber Path" with Dr. Itthipoom Phromma, Associate Dean for Planning and Quality Assurance / Lecturer in Marketing Academics and Assistant Professor Dr. Punchaya Hiranritikorn, Head of International Business Department is a moderator and translates into English There are marketing students and those who are interested in attending the seminar. In the form of Onsite training at Suwapak Niwet Conference Room (5724), Faculty of Management Sciences, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University.

      Assistant Professor Chutima Klaysung, Head of Marketing Academic Branch, said, "It focuses on knowledge about business administration. applying what is learned in the classroom to daily life How to travel for money Use of social media which is the heart of doing business enable students to apply the knowledge gained from the training Let's create the most efficient strategy and business plan. which is important and considered the heart of doing business in the digital age Business administration plays an important role in setting goals or setting guidelines for building a business. In the future, it depends on the current industry whether it is suitable for the era or not. If the product is not out of trend and has a clear target group Have modern business tools can continue to walk on the path of doing business in the digital age. This is to develop the potential of students to gain practical experience. in order to be able to move forward to become quality personnel in the professional market.”

         Mr. Worachet Noraiaem, Lawyer, Specialist Head of Legal and Accelerating Tax Arrears, Head of the e-Tax Service Center (Government sector) and the working group from the public relations media production activity "New Generation Pays Attention to Taxes" under the "SME GUIDE" Long Communication, Cares for Entrepreneurs project from the Office The Revenue Department of Bangkok Area 1 said about attending this seminar that “In attending this seminar about creating content creators, gaining knowledge and inspiration in creating work on social media. media in order to further become a career in the future which is important in making these media requires attention liking for that whether it is about tourism or anything else the creator is interested in which can be published in a variety of media channels such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Must be consistent and continuous for viewers or followers to react. or reacting to tasks which adds more interest increase the number of viewers and have more income from employment The creation may be adjusted according to various social trends. To keep up with the times and the needs of the audience But must not leave being yourself. It should be weighed between the work intended and the employer's satisfaction. including consumers/viewers In order to achieve the goal of creating work, in addition, having ideas to create work It comes from looking at a variety of works. taking inspiration from others or have to seek new creative ideas to build on To make the work more unique and memorable, it is important to find your own preferences. And finally do it. Finally, joining this seminar. to get ideas for creating work Including more new inspirations To come back and build on the work that I have done better.”

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