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Accounting Faculty of Management Sciences organize training workshops "Change accountants to digital"

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2023-03-18 10:29:51

        On March 16, 2023, the Accounting Department Faculty of Management Sciences Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University organize training workshops “Change Accountants to Digital” with Professor Dr. Huda Wongyim, Head of Accounting Department presided over the opening of the project Which was honored by Mr. Rachit Chaiyarat, Certified Public Accountant, CEO CNR GROUP, ACCREVO as a lecturer to exchange knowledge. There is a full-time teacher in the field of accounting. and accounting students Participated in the project at Sawapak Niwet Conference Room (5724), Building 57, Faculty of Management Science.

      “Nowadays, technology is constantly changing. What affects people most noticeably It is the advancement in technology that has brought our world into the "Digital Age" and has completely changed many aspects of business. Today, there is no profession that is not affected by digital disruption (Digital Disruption), especially accounting professionals. Therefore, professional accountants in the digital age should be equipped with technology skills. analytical thinking new age management This is to be an important cog in driving the organization to overcome digital disruption interference. Therefore, the aforementioned training program was organized. for students, alumni and professional accountants Gain knowledge and understanding about new technology skills and the use of digital tools for communication and managing various aspects of the profession in order to prepare to become an accountant in the digital age.” Dr. Huda Wongyim Head of Accounting Department said.

Kanyakorn Sujarittnetikarn : Public Relations of Faculty of Management Science



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